CHAPTER 8: Navigating Your Spiritual Awakening: How to Contribute to Y – Chittons


CHAPTER 8: Navigating Your Spiritual Awakening: How to Contribute to Your Progress

CHAPTER 8: Navigating Your Spiritual Awakening: How to Contribute to Your Progress

  • Black Moon Lilith

“Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed.” 

The subject of spiritual awakening is complex. Let’s explore the subject as straightforwardly as possible so you can easily apply these elements in your life.

Get ready to discover where the magic lies.

Unveiling the Path to Heaven on Earth: 4 Key Concepts

There are four core concepts, states of mind, and actions that embody the acts of self-care, and by default, self-love and love for all others & the Divine Consciousness.

The concepts form the basis of our practice to achieve what we wish to on this Ascension journey. Overarching these 4 basic principles, is self-love, and the recognition of the interconnectedness of all things

Cultivating self-love is one of Chittons’ central themes woven throughout our Ascension Line of activewear.

In practicing these concepts, you will be practicing self-love, which is, as Whitney Houston puts it, the Greatest Love Of All!

1. Practicing Unity Consciousness - Divine Masculine Energy

Know that everything and everyone is interconnected, and think, speak, and act following this principle.

2. Practicing Service to Others - Divine Feminine Energy

This cannot be practiced in isolation but rather in conjunction with the practice of Unity Consciousness.

You should base your actions and decisions on your awareness that every action has consequences for yourself and others.

3. Maintaining Balance - Divine Masculine Energy

One of the natural laws of the universe is the Law of Polarity, which states that everything exists in duality and has poles or opposites, which are identical in nature, but different in degree. It differs from the Law of Gender, which itself consists of the ‘polarities of the Diviner Masculine and Divine Feminine principles. Each pole or opposite has both poles of gender within it. 

Finding and maintaining a balance means having the ability to observe the two polar opposites that are present without letting either sway you off your course.

This is commonly referred to as having Observer Consciousness

4. Kindness Above All - Divine Feminine Energy

This is essentially love in action and is much more powerful than we can imagine.

Criticism and nastiness can change a child or adult for the rest of their lives, but similarly, so can kindness, it’s polar opposite.

One act of kindness can transform a person and elevate them to accomplish greatness, helping them find their soul.

Realize Your Potential: Embrace Universal Laws for a Fulfilling Life

There are many natural laws of the universe; on this website for simplicity,we will refer to the 12 natural laws of the universe. (This topic will be discussed in more detail in the articles to follow.

To flow with the universe, one needs to be familiar with how the universe operates.

Understanding and applying these 12 laws in our daily lives can help us find a flow that allows us to feel ultimate peace and joy.

The four concepts outlined above are embedded within the 12 laws. They are therefore considered a simplified way of living in accordance with them. 

If we put these simple concepts into practice in our daily lives, we align with our purpose; it is on this path that we will find fulfillment, abundance, and joy inlife, and the possibilty of reaching our greatest potential.

The question you should ask yourself is: Are you willing to practice self-love to find fulfillment, abundance, and joy?